Quote2_500_faithfreed_23So much is said about goals and methods for achieving them that most of us have that mastered. What’s less often pointed out is that where we are on the journey is exactly where we belong.

This moment could be one of limbo. If that’s the case, it’s the right time for less action. Good comes from slowing down–even stopping. Yogi, Baron Baptiste, often says, “If you force a rose to blossom, you break off all the petals.”

On the other hand, you may currently be experiencing chaos. This, too, is part of the big picture. When everything gets stirred up, it lands differently. Do you see how a crash in the system leads to a beneficial reboot? In the end, confusion creates clarity. I love what Lao Tsu said, “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”

For achievers, patience can be the hardest part. Yes, it’s a challenge to let go of the oars and trust the canoe to float in the right direction. And yet, the wisdom of the water beneath the boat is what really carries you. In the same way, Infinite Source is collaborating with you. That takes the pressure off a lot. It’s often said, “you take care of the what and let God take care of the how.” Sometimes, we don’t have a choice! Will power is indeed powerful, but it only goes so far without faith.

Most of life is made up of points between where you start and where you finish. You can’t afford not to enjoy them.

It’s easy to forget the pleasures of the journey, when our mental maps are clearly marked with a star on the destination.  Yes, we definitely need to know where we want to go. “In the end, you only hit what you aim at,” is a truth well spoken by Thoreau. But an equal measure of surrender makes the whole endeavor rich. “Enjoy the process,” can sound like empty words when you’re fighting like crazy to get there. And yet, most of living IS the process. There is grace in trusting that. When the unexpected happens, it may be an inconvenience, yet it may serve you in the end. Trust that those detours are redirecting you for the better in some way that you may not understand. Flat tire? Hmmm, might that have saved you from a head-on collision? The Universe knows best. Enjoy the wacky route and your place on it, wherever you are now.