The Louise Hay love fest continues as I report back on her 90th Birthday Tribute. The You Can Heal Your Life lineup, named after her best selling book, oozed with inspiration. Each speaker gave attendees gobs of useful insights intended to help us soar. And above all, we got what we came for, as a radiant Louise Hay took the stage. Honestly, just to see her glowing presence for those few moments was worth the trip. Here’s a brief recap of the sparkling speakers we heard from and how they weaved in the wisdom of heroine, Louise Hay.

Tribute to Louise Hay on her 90th Birthday Presenters (in order of appearance):

Cheryl Richardson eloquently illuminated our ability to heal others simply by radiating love.  To make the point, she shared a touching story of how Louise Hay transformed a deeply wounded woman, simply by transmitting her own high vibration. Cheryl left us with the truth that our energy is being received by others as sure as our words, and it has the power to create alchemy.

Christine Northrup paid tribute to Louise with wonderful stories of her trail-blazing ways. She described how Louise bravely went beyond the pale to heal her own cancer, write a cutting edge book, start her own publishing company and touch the lives of countless people. Northrup entertained and educated us with colorful anecdotes, until Louise Hay herself was ushered on stage.

Louise Hay elegantly floated into the spotlight on her 90th birthday, as everyone in the house jumped to their feet, cheering with adoration. The crowd settled down, not sure what to expect. Louise quietly stood there in her gorgeous glory, beaming radiantly. Far more moving than words would’ve been, a perfect song played as she simply took in our love through her soft gaze and sent it back. She demonstrated for us in those moments what Cheryl Richardson had described, as her high vibration was palpably transmitted. Tears flowed down our cheeks as we stood transfixed by the beautiful, giving, loving and loveable Louise Hay.

Mike Dooley might have heard the same teasing words that Robert Holden recounted getting from Louise as he took the stage after her, “Follow that, kid.” Bringing us back to Earth, Mike reminded us that when the going gets tough in life, we know what to do. “When in doubt, read Louise.” He shared how Louise’s influence helped him to trust the Universe to support him. Through his own story, he reinforced her teachings, leading us back to the law of attraction. “When you visualize, you create a mold that the Universe rushes to fill.”

Kris Carr charmed us with her uplifting attitude and grounded wisdom. Among my favorite teachings, she pointed out, “Acceptance is not amputating ambition, it’s owning your self-worth.” Kris shared her admiration for Louise with sweet stories of being awed by the woman who isn’t shy about ordering a glass of red and white wine, both at the same time. Kris Carr and Louise Hay add up to two different generations of one undeniable thing: bad-ass.

Robert Holden brought us back to Louise Hay basics with wit and humor, as he reviewed the principles in a new book he co-authored with her, called Life Loves You. Among the tools it highlights is a signature classic from Louise– mirror work. If you’ve never tried meeting yourself in the mirror with this profoundly insightful exercise- I highly recommend you check out this book and give it a go. I “returned to the mirror,” as he recommended, that evening, and had a major breakthrough. Louise’s tried and true methods are timeless.

Suze Orman rocked the house with her powerful presence and no-nonsense advice. She came on like a force for good, imparting information with generosity and zest. Suze embodied the self-empowerment she espoused for the audience and described in Louise. She pointed out that Louise Hay used her own name for her publishing house, Hay House, back when women were typically too self-sacrificing to take credit for their accomplishments. Both women, Louise and Suze, blew me away on that Saturday~ role models of female strength and leadership, extraordinaire!

Thank you to all these amazing speakers. Thank you to the humble yet mighty man behind the scenes, Reid Tracy. And most of all, thank you to life-changing Louise Hay!

~ By Faith Freed, author of IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed, published by Hay House.