Louise Hay is turning 90 tomorrow, October 8th, and she’s a woman–indeed, a force– worth celebrating! I’m flying down to San Diego to pay tribute and partake of the many inspiring authors that will headline a day-long event in her honor. Part Two of this series will summarize the excitement sure to take place at her birthday party. Loved as an author, role model, publisher, business woman and humanitarian, it’s the perfect time to shower well-deserved praise upon her.

Louise has penned many indispensible personal development books, beginning with Heal Your Body; The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them. I have several copies of this reference book floating around to be easily found; one is always near my bedside and another is reliably in my office to use with therapy clients. That brave and insightful little book led to her best seller, You Can Heal Your Life. Her positive message takes many forms, and her words never fail to uplift.

In her sixties, Louise started a publishing house, aptly called Hay House, which thrives as an international hub for spiritual and self-development authors, including Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, Doreen Virtue and Esther Hicks, to name a few. I admire Hay House publishers for the guts to champion writers, some of whom with some pretty “out there” ideas, without compromising the truth of their message. Her bravery extends into her philanthropic endeavors, as well. She’s known for being on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS crisis to support gay men when the diagnosis was still widely misunderstood. Although her works are gentle and loving, she seems to have a fierce driving force that calls her to action, which benefits all whom she touches.

I’ll always remember meeting Louis at The Hay House Writer’s Workshop contest a few years ago. I told her I’d dreamed of writing a book published by Hay House and she beamed enthusiastically, “Enter the contest!” Sure enough, I did so–and won! Now, I’m honored to call myself a Hay House Author, and I’m delighted to be forever linked to Louise through my book, IS. As one of my role models and heroes, I can’t wait to Louise’s radiant presence on her 90th birthday. A beacon of inspiration, Louise exudes light and truly embodies her famous phrase, “All is well.”