I am breaking the blog silence to bring you this urgent bulletin which contains important information you already know: Love yourself. Gosh darn it!

It is no one else’s job to make you happy. Unless you are paying for therapy. Ha. But in truth, even the most gifted therapist will only assist you to do that for yourself. It is up to you.  When you are attending to everyone else’s needs and not your own, you feel angry, right?  “But what about me?!” screams the silent, raging voice within. Yet, who is the target of that anger? You may think it’s your spouse or lover’s fault that you feel under-appreciated or neglected. It is part of the game to blame them first. You can go down the list from there.  Could it be that your parents or kids are taking advantage of you again? And there are those friends who totally owe you…What a bunch of selfish @%$#%@s! But take a deep breath. It is not their fault. Ultimately, the only person who can truly meet your needs is you.

Love Yourself!Who knows the deep stirrings of your heart? You and you alone. But don’t go being angry at yourself. That is a sure path to misery. Forgive yourself completely, for failing to cherish and nurture  your own precious being every blessed second. Consider all you do for those around you. Ask, “Am I treating myself with as much respect, compassion and diligent care as I give to others?” Be honest. Realize again, as if hearing it for the very first time, that when you are good to yourself, everybody wins. Then your soul is nourished and your well is full. From this state of balance and abundance, you can give gladly without depleting yourself.

“Self care is never selfish. It is simply good stewardship…”- Parker J. Palmer

Kindly do us all a favor. Figure out what it is you need. Then give it to yourself. You are worth it. Absolutely, positively, 100% guaranteed. What does your soul yearn for? You know. And only you know. Now get on it!