For the most part, busy beings will not be bothered with the layers of meaning behind the opening imagery on this website. But for those who may be curious enough to delve deeper, here’s the deal.

The figure, rendered with ODX Creative’s, Olivier D’Arceaux, is based on a “one-sex” icon which encompasses both female (left) and male (right) in a single body. On several levels, it is important to do away with the illusion of separation, in favor of one inclusive entity:

  • Spiritual guidance is equally appropriate for men and women. We all have a soul.
  • Regardless of gender, we each encompass a balance of both feminine and masculine aspects. If you don’t buy it, start with Carl Jung’s anima/animus, and go inward from there.
  • If you believe that human beings reflect the Divine, wouldn’t both sexes be included? References to an androgynous deity pre-date the Zohar.
  • All hues of gender identity and sexual orientation are welcome and honored in my company and practice. (LGBTQQI and A-Z…)
  • The paradox of perceived opposites in play is true to the non-dual nature of existence.

As for the flame, that represents the Divine Spark in each of us, ignited by connection to Source and glowing brighter with awareness and gratitude.

What do you see?