IMG_0999At the recent launch party for my new  book, IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed just published by Hay House (2013), we played a thought-provoking  game to unleash authentic spirituality real time. Guests were invited to answer 3 of life’s biggest questions with the potential to win a prize: What’s the Meaning of Life? What Does Spirituality Mean to You? And What is Love?

So who took home the goods? Technically, Keith, Stacey and Billie– but it could’ve been anyone. Random selection made the point that, when it comes to authentic spirituality, what rings true is what IS true. We don’tOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA need to adopt anyone else’s definition of meaning, love or spirituality. That comes from an intimate, first-hand knowledge, based on inner truth. Much respect, party people.

You’re invited to peruse a sampling of the insights that poured forth that night below. Don’t forget to add an answer of your own. And perhaps you agree that no response, however right it may feel in the moment, is set in stone. Our answers are apt to change as we experience, learn and grow ourselves. The real winning comes when we stay curious and keep asking the big questions.

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

  1.  “….Compassion and love are a good beginning for me.”
  2. “To grow and learn. Increase our awareness.”
  3. “Helping others, thereby helping yourself.”
  4. “There is no meaning….If you live a life that is what it means.”
  5. “Listening to the D.J.’s music.”
  6.  “…To love and have fun and to be a great leader…”
  7. “A goal. A straight line.”
  8. “The uncommon understanding that two people share as they move through life together.”
  9. “t.b.d….”
  10. ____________________ (your answer here).

What Is Love?

  1. “Ecstasy.”
  2. “Oneness.”
  3. “Bliss and unconditional acceptance.”
  4. “A blowjob in the backseat.”
  5. “Comfort.”
  6. “A taming of the heart.”
  7. “To feel something.”
  8. “Strawberry chocolate cake! And that thing in my heart that makes me feel warm, fuzzy and smiling.”
  9. “ is deciding as we speak….”
  10. ____________________(your answer here).

IMG_1000What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

  1. “A connection to a higher being, self and others.”
  2. “It’s the unencumbered, judgement free, purest form of truth that I create when moving through this life.”
  3. “Finding the sacred in daily life.”
  4. “Fly fishing.”
  5. “Connection to The Source (in any way.)”
  6. “A loving relationship between a creator and its created.”
  7. “Zen.”
  8. “A draw to the Authentic Center, The Source, The Being, and Is-ness, Presence and Love.”
  9. “To feel alive.”
  10. ____________________(your answer here).

If you played along–good news. You are 100% correct.

Rock on, philosophical friends.