Do you want to lead a magical life? I do. Sometimes magical things happen. We might call them miracles. That’s super cool! The best. But most of the time, we have to detect the magic. The good news IS– that’s easier than it sounds. It’s a matter of dropping into the present moment. So you may have to look for the magic, but you don’t have to look far. For example, at this moment, the sun is spotlighting a majestic row of soaring Italian Cypress Trees outside my window. To tap into the magic of this moment, I might need to focus upon those trees until a sense of awe and appreciation hits me. The wow factor is what we’re looking for. The more you feel that, the more magical life feels.

What’s in front of you right now? A glimpse of nature can rekindle your sense of wonder, but it could be anything. Maybe there’s a quote that inspires you. Or a glass of water to appreciate. Study that. Marvel at it. It really doesn’t take much, because we take so much for granted. What perfection can you detect right now? Listen. Is it soothingly silent? Do the words of a song fit your mood perfectly? Do you have the space to immerse in this moment?Quote_500_faithfreed_1 Be still until the magic is revealed.

The ability to stop, notice and appreciate what IS is a surefire road to lots more bliss. So, if it’s that easy, why don’t we do it more often? Because we’re habitually drawn into the past and the future. Most of our mind space is occupied ruminating or rehearsing. Unchecked, we default to thinking about what happened and what will be. This autopilot mind stuff is a drag. And the pattern persists until we put a stop to it. Literally.

People talk about meditation being good for you. Why? Because it trains your brain to behave. Rather than let it run all over the place, meditation gently invites your focus to be on being. It’s a great technique to practice if presence is what you’re going for. Remember, now is where the magic IS! Always. Even as you have a happy memory, aren’t you recalling the good feeling you had at the time? Or maybe you’re a dreamer, focused on future fun or success. Ever notice that how you imagine feeling in a moment of victory is different than what you end up experiencing in the moment? That’s the mystery of the next moment, and the mystery itself IS magical too. Sometimes, our planning and anticipation of a moment gets more focus than the moment itself. Recently I had two friends get married. They were so immersed in perfecting every detail of every moment of every event, that I was happy to dispense my one tip when asked how to deal with the big day. “Don’t miss it,” was my advice. “Be present for your experience rather than managing everyone else’s.” It hit home and they thanked me at the brunch afterwards, because they were truly conscious enough to let it all sink in as it was unfolding.

I have a day of planning, myself today. Yet I know that even as I orchestrate the future, I can find the magic in this moment and surrender to the mystery that will be revealed then. I wish you a day of unexpected delights and a future full of them, too.