Quote_500_faithfreed_10If you feel confused, disappointed or unsure, try on a change of perspective. You can choose to see things differently, which will turn everything around. But first, you have to be willing to trade in your sob story for something hopeful. Check whether you’ve become attached to your plight. It happens to the best of us. Be careful of surrounding yourself with folks who reinforce your negative narrative. And promise not to cling to it, yourself.

It’s human nature to want validation. So it could be that when you share with someone about a problem, you’re looking for them to agree with you, rather than offer up a positive spin.  As a pal suggests a solution to a tough situation, are you quick to revert back to the problematic portrayal you started with, to solidify your position? Think about it. Sure, it feels good to be right. But it feels better to be happy. Allow your view to be shaken and stirred. Force yourself to see your life situation through a fresh pair of eyes. Better yet, let that fresh pair of eyes be your own. How? Here are some hints:

Sit Still As a kid, did you ever stare at an object- say, a glass of water- so long that you got double vision and one glass morphed into two? Something known becomes radically different with a still focus of attention. It’s a good analogy for meditation. When you stared at that water glass, you weren’t making an effort. You were just sticking with it. When you meditate, it’s not really an effort. It’s more like letting go. Rather than allowing your mind to go wild as usual, you can focus on the calming presence of your breath. Then, some hours later, a problem you were not at all focused on during your meditation looks a whole lot different. An opening was created; the space for new thought.

Get Moving Changing your state will change your perspective. Consider standing on your head, or somehow looking at the room upside down. If that doesn’t do it, you can just get physical.  Simply take a walk in nature, do a yoga class, play with your dog or pump iron at the gym. Whatever you do, you’ll be laying the groundwork to see things anew. Think, “Shake it off,” “Walk it off,” or “Work it out.” As you know, the body and mind are connected. Physical action can reposition your thoughts. Rock out to your favorite tune and presto! You’ll see the world in a whole new light.

Go Places Another mind-expanding tactic is to change your environment. Whether that means cleaning your closet, rearranging furniture or taking a trip to Paris. When you change what you look at, your perspective changes, too. I like to do a space clearing with incense and bells when the energy in my home gets heavy. That may sound weird, but that fact that this is a taught practice highlights the importance of the energetic effects of one’s surroundings. Start with a good look around. What colors are in your home or office? How do they make you feel? Do you have any plants? Are they healthy? Is there some clutter you could clear? (Um, yes.) If you’re not up for an overhaul, consider buying yourself some flowers of a striking hue. See what inspiration they bring. And by all means, if you can travel- go! Whether it’s a tour of an art gallery, a road trip to a nearby town, or a voyage to another continent, see something you haven’t seen before. When your environment changes, your view is literally new. Bonus- you can take that clearer interior view home with you!

You don’t really need any of these tactics to open your mind to a brighter vision. They’re just suggestions to get you going. Really, all you have to do is ask yourself, at any given moment, “How can I see this differently?” Done.