Quote_500_FaithFreed_13Human potential is an invitation that beckons us to be our best. We all have the ability to make the most of what we have. What we do with those seeds of possibility within us is up to us. How empowering!

Self-actualization takes place when people commit. You know deep down (or right at the surface) that you’re capable of great things, right? Yes! Yet, how many of your skills and talents are used to the fullest? Life is too short to do it all to the max. But, take a moment to take inventory. How are you making the most of what you have? (Skip the whining and excuses. This is your kick in the rear end.)

Many of us are taught to be modest. We aren’t supposed to go around flaunting our accomplishments. Sure, a measure of humility may be virtuous, but shrinking is a cop out. Playing small keeps you comfortably stuck in the comfort zone. Being your best means stepping up, seizing opportunities and shining brightly. That can feel scary. You’re signing up for hard work, exposure, risk, and possibly failure. Yet, isn’t that what makes life alive? Endeavoring to try and giving it your all, no matter the outcome?

Maybe you’ve heard this oft repeated quote from Marianne Williamson; “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” Stepping fully into your power and shining your light sounds like a tall order. Yet, it allows you to give your best to benefit the greater good. Sometimes, we’re motivated internally. A musician, for example, may feel compelled to write a song, whether it’s heard or not. To be true to his inner artist, he allows the notes to emerge. He may also be motivated externally. “I’ve played the same set for months. It’s time to give them something new.” Either way- he is bringing forth what is within him. That’s the ticket.

What motivates you to be your best? Is it an internal call to be true to your soul? Is it a noble desire to make a contribution to society? Or perhaps  you’re inspired by both internal and external factors? Speaking from personal experience, it’s a combination of causes that keeps me going. Internally, I feel compelled to follow my Inspired Self. That’s a matter of respect for inner truth, authenticity and Infinite Source. Yet, it’s equally compelling to focus upon giving. How might actualizing my potential benefit others? Hopefully, I’m not the only one that gets something from this blog. As much as I love to write and inspire, it’s my free gift to you.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your soul. Do it for your God. Do it for the greater good. Just do it! We can’t wait to see you shine.

To end on an inspiring note, here’s an example of someone who makes the most of what she’s got. It’s kind of mind-blowing that a woman, still in her twenties (okay- barely), has accomplished so much. As she sings, acts, writes and entertains us, she serves as a role-model of human potential actualized. Clearly, she’s giving her all–to be true to herself and to benefit those who appreciate her prolific talent and hard work. Go Lady Gaga! Go, YOU, too!