Mr. Lightman“Infinite Source, help me to be new today, in how I relate to others and myself. Help me to resurrect love and innocence, as forgiveness clears the way for the birth of:
On this spring holiday, I offer the holy invitation to stand on your head. That’s right. Get thee upside down. Because what you’ve been seeing is only one way of looking at things. It’s time to shake it up.
We can’t afford to get stuck in old perspectives. That is a form of death. Whether you are into Easter or not, the focus on rebirth can’t hurt.
If inversions aren’t your thing, try this.Disco Ball Easter Egg
Focus on something intently until you see it altogether differently:
A glass of water, a leaf, your computer monitor. What had you never noticed before? Physically? Energetically? Molecularly?
Now imagine what you might be missing when you look at others. Imagine what you’ve been missing when you look within.
Jesus. We get to begin again. Hallelujah!
Now let’s get this party started.