Praise for IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed

“It is a straightforward and very practical guide, and she writes with some tongue in cheek humor that keeps it from getting too earnest. Even the most tragically hip reader will stumble across some good ideas to enhance their quality of life and encourage their connection to their mysterious inner self.”

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Kathy Labriola

“By sharing this liberating confession about her own search for a spiritual orientation that spoke to her, Faith invites us to seek our own paths in our own quirky open-hearted ways.

Kristy Lin Billuni “The Sexy Grammarian”

“Faith effortlessly and playfully directs your personal journey to the center of you as if she knew your every step thus far. Faith has expanded upon what HAY HOUSE has been publishing for years. She has transcended the wisdom of previous writers, making it her own, and now yours.”

Airbuddha (Ben Ferreira)

“If you are a student or practitioner of enlightenment – be prepared to recharge and take off as Faith Freed takes it to another level. The author creates an expansion so wide, so deep, so big, it just keeps growing and shows us how it never fills but overflows into more of who you are.”

Omitunde “omislack”

“This is a book I wish I’d had during those soul searching years. (The author) brings the relevancy and the cool factor back to spirituality for those that want to both explore and go their own way. Great food for the soul, highly recommended.”


“How phenomenal will our world be when we all live the simple tools, tips, stories and techniques expressed by and through Faith Freed? As a person that is VERY fussy about what I allow into my world energetically, I give Faith’s book a five star rating.

Enlightened Soul

“Written in her own distinctive voice and sprinkled with humor, magic, love, and wisdom, Faith writes a holistic and practical guide for the spiritual seeker. Reading this book will awaken, reawaken, or affirm a reverence for the sacredness of life.”

Audrey Redfield

“Reverend John Mabry, PhD stated in the foreword that Faith has offered this book for your consideration, not as truth. This I like. I just love the way Faith words things. Kept me smiling throughout the entire book. The holy disco ball concept is brilliant.”


“If this were the first book on consciousness I’d ever read, I’d be completely blown away. Having read plenty already, I’m still quite blown away.

Andy Nieradko

“Reminds us a little of Alan Watts, the must-read soi-disant “philosophical entertainer.” Informative and insightful, not preachy.


“Faith Freed brings a fresh multidimensional perspective to practicing authentic spirituality. She captures the zeitgeist of our time.


“Much like Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” provides a gateway to enhanced creativity, this book offers multiple jumping off points into the pool of spiritual fulfillment.

Sonic Turtle

“Whether you are new to the spiritual journey or well traveled, this book is a joy and a treasure. Thank you, Faith, for your contribution to New Paradigm Spirituality for one and all.”

Wendy von Oech

“I love (the author’s) fresh look and everyday examples of how we can connect to the Divine in and around us. She manages to blend profound insights with modern experience in a way that makes spirit very present and relevant in our lives. I appreciate her framework for those of us who resist frameworks and her encouragement to think and act creatively in our spiritual dance.”

S. L. Cassedy