Hey Party People. Ever notice how things have a way of working out in our favor, beyond what we could’ve scripted ourselves? When things are really in the flow, we can chalk it up to “luck” or divine intervention. I favor that mysterious latter view. How about you? Infinite Source is operating on our behalf all the time. When I notice how the Universe is conspiring in my favor, I give thanks with a knowing smile.  As it says in my book, IS, I even made a bumper sticker: “IS In Charge.”

Here’s one sweet example of such a show of grace. After a string of jam packed days in a row- I’d set aside an entire morning to find inner stillness. It took me a while to quiet the external static and tune into my Inspired Self. I’d gotten to a point of inner peace and spiritual connection, but it had taken a couple of hours of unplugged solitude. Just as I was blissed out and ready to engage the world with wonder again, I got a phone call from Sister Jenna of America Meditating Radio. For once, I was home and prepared not to screen calls from the seldom used landline.

Sister Jenna was reaching out to invite me to participate in the OM Challenge. I couldn’t have been in a better state to receive her friendly invitation. In fact, as she set the intention for World Peace, I shared with her my own intention; to contribute to World Peace by prompting Inner Peace, one person at a time. We proceeded to OM together on the phone; giggling, playfully competing for the best time and cheering each other on. As seen in the video above, I happily accepted her nomination to take the OM Challenge.

Do you ever notice how things operate beyond the empirically obvious? Did some part of me anticipate her call and prepare me with some much needed spiritual sustenance that morning? Did she somehow tune into my connectedness from some 3,000 miles away, and pick up the phone? Or was it just another demonstration of divine timing, orchestrated by Infinite Source?

This sort of thing happens many times in any given day. Begin to notice when everything lines up in perfect order and when it does, celebrate!

I nominate you to take the OM Challenge yourself. Each of us has the chance to ripple peace out into the worldly waters where we all swim.

Rock on.