basket ball guyHey, hey party people. Let’s talk, Make It Happen.

As a Law Of Attraction researcher, I’m about to share my latest data. In my book, IS, I propose that manifesting your dreams is more than wishing them into existence. In addition to faith, we do well to recognize that we’re co-creating with the universe. It’s ironic (like all of life) because just as we wish and will and envision and believe in our dreams, at some point we have to totally let go and trust a higher order of influence to inform the outcome. (Hence the chapter, Intention/Surrender.) However, another element of the equation deserves equal weight: good old fashioned, roll your sleeves up, blood, sweat & tears HARD WORK. This is the little talked about missing link. Like Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” You mean it’s not as simple as daily affirmations? I know. Bummer.

As important as it is to have a vision and have faith, things don’t seem to take off without some real-world exertion. Often, our rewards are proportional to our passion. Put simply, you get out what you put in. I see this as a parent. I see it as a therapist. I see it as a writer and I see it as a human being. Yes, we must know what we want. We must believe it will happen. We will not be denied. Yet, if our actions aren’t supporting the outcome, our doubts overtake our sweet dreams. Think about it.  If, in your heart of hearts, you feel you haven’t earned it or don’t deserve it, your optimal manifestation may not be sustainable– or even attainable. Sure, there are moments of grace. But even miracles seem to favor those of us who work our asses off. There’s a correlation between investment and return, whether we like it or not. Super human feats occur where divinity, as in Infinite Source, meets inner divinity, as in Inspired Self. Add to that the incarnate ingredient (a la Incarnate Self) of dedicated action and now we are on FIRE, friends.

Trust me, I wish my primary research pointed to the power of positive thinking and faith alone. Indeed, it does point to that. It’s just that action is looking like the bread to that peanut butter and jelly. So many things I have wanted came to me when I was willing to face the hurdles in my way and jump over them. That’s when miracles happen. It’s like the minute my strength lifts my tennis shoes off the track, I get bonus wings to float me up and over what’s in the way, landing me in a place better than I could’ve imagined. What about you?

The Law of Attraction suggests that if you think it, it will be so. The truth is, it won’t happen if you don’t think it can. (Shout out to Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”) You have to think it can. But wait, folks, there’s more! To quote Brittany Spears, “You better work, ….”