new cover artSo, I wrote this book. Then I entered a contest. Then I wrote a proposal and built a platform. Then I won the contest. Then I rewrote the book. And rewrote it again. And again.

It all seems calculated and that isn’t really the story. Grace informed the whole process and the unfolding was in the flow. It’s been my honor to receive and answer the call, and I continue to do so. When Infinite Source beckons me to show up, I do not stop and think it over. Know what I mean?

Sometimes, as creatives, we have no choice but to bring forth that which is within us. Yet how did it get there? Who implanted it? In my case, it was clear I was picking up the divine download. I accepted my duty to carry the baby to term. And now, the book is born. As you can imagine, it feels like a big deal to mama me.

The fact that Hay House is my publisher is a meaningful miracle. Louise Hay is a heroine of mine. Look at the empire she created, begun by simply sharing her wisdom with a little reference book, because she felt compelled to heal others. Now she’s the face of a powerhouse spiritual publisher, putting forth books by Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson and of course, the founding visionary goddess herself.

The book launch for IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed is officially January 29th, although it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon. What’s it all about?  Do-it-yourself spirituality for fiercely independent ball headpeople. It’s about going your own way, according to what rings true. It’s about creating a rich and rewarding spiritual life without dogma. It affirms what you’re doing and inspires you to go deeper. It’s an invitation to celebrate the party of life.

On Monday, Jan 21st (Yay, MLK Day!), I will be on Hay House Radio, kickin’ it w/Diane Ray at 11am, PST, during the “I Can Do It Hour.” Join us then to hear all about IS. Every time I describe the book, different facets of the holy disco ball are illuminated. And by the way, the “holy” disco ball is intentionally ironic. Sacred and silly. Reverent and irreverent– like the book. Like life. Like you and faith-swinging ballme. First, I share my own authentic spiritual paradigm. Then, we put a fresh spin on ancient wisdom–to keep it relevant and keep it real–covering biggies like: paradox, presence, synchronicity, surrender, oneness and giving, with a robust undercurrent of gratitude.

The book is ready to be read. I hope it appeals to men as well as women. A diversity of readers- from all traditions to atheists, of different ages and cultures- with a special shout out to Generation NOW. I want it to serve the LGBTQ community, because religious wounding is nonsense and it’s time we make it right. And I hope it serves you, the one-of-a-kind specimen.

Thank you for your interest, you divine being, you. May you embrace your authentic spirituality and lead a dazzling life. I’m right there with you. Rock on.