Question: “Is it gonna work out?” Answer: “Everything’s gonna be okay.” Things may not turn out exactly as you imagine, but whether you know it or not, your best interest is being served. Unseen forces are conspiring in your favor, even as you read this. Assuming you’ve done your best, you can relax in the sweet space of surrender.

We’re conditioned to believe that effort equals achievement. Thomas Edison famously said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Who wants to sign up for that? Although hard work may well be necessary, I respectfully guess that it breaks down more like 33.3% inspiration, 33.3% perspiration and 33.3% surrender. Ironically, for many of us, letting go is the hardest part.

As we make our way from point A to point B, we inevitably pass through the limbo of uncertainty. It’s not a place most of us like to hang out for long.  Not knowing feels unresolved. Shaky. At times, downright agonizing.

It’s tempting to force something to happen, just to relieve ourselves of the uncomfy unknown. Rather than wait and see, we drive to the nearest destination. But forcing an outcome can be a short-sighted solution.

Control is a seductive illusion that promises to put us out of our misery. But rushing to a conclusion preempts possibilities. What might emerge, if given the chance, could far exceed our highest hopes. Grace can take time. Miracles don’t happen by our deadlines. We sometimes have to sit tight and wait for donated by Winnondthe divine download. So why not indulge in the intrigue? Why not enjoy the teasing, elusive, promising mystery of uncertainty? It may not come naturally. But with practice, uncertainty feels…tolerable. Even interesting. At times, exhilarating. As in, “Who knows?”

If you’re ready to get intimate with the spaces in between, check out this brand new Conscious Conversation with me and Mina Grace, The Blessing of Uncertainty, Parts 1 & 2. (Links above.) Together, we curiously kick it in the in between, without a clue where the topic will take us. Join us. It’s just a quick visit on your way, in case you thought for one second that you’re in this thing alone.