book signing low resHey party people. Recently I was privileged to host an event and book signing at one of my favorite sources of spiritual sustenance, the very cool East West Bookstore. I have to admit, it was somewhat daunting, having seen other Hay House authors there, like metaphysician, Doreen Virtue, PhD, whose work and presence I appreciate. But since this was the kind of opportunity writers dream of, I had to conquer my fears and “put myself out there.” Thanks to the feedback from those who came, I’m delighted that I did. There’s a lesson here for all of us: sometimes we have to get out of our own way in order to serve and benefit others.

It’s always been exciting to imagine IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed, reaching the mavericks, the misfits and the millennials for whom it’s written. But it’s an even greater thrill to interact with them real time, face to face. A potential pitfall of do-it-yourself spirituality is the lack of a built-in community, like you might find in an organized religion. And yet, on that Friday night, we came together with open minds and open hearts and collectively rocked the oneness. Folks participated enthusiastically, creating palpable positive energy. It was an exploration that bared the fruits of inspiration, affirmation and sure enough, celebration.addressing someone smile low res

As we endeavored to unleash our authentic spirituality, we asked big questions, brainstormed answers, laughed, delved within, shared stories and got chills. It was a deep dive into where we really come from and who we really are. To illuminate that, I invited us to keep asking questions, as we continually endeavor to know ourselves better. This may sound like a tall order, but it’s meant to be engaged playfully, in the spirit of innocence, gratitude and awe.

Here’s a sample of feedback from the party people who attended. If you are one of them, thank you for making it a warm and wonderful event.

What did you take away?

“Enjoyment of your authentic, true self.” “Great ENERGY!” “Lots of joy & happiness. My life was going on a “too serious” turn and you reminded me how to LIGHTEN UP!” Authenticity.” “Importance of practice.” PLAY is important… (as is) personal choice about spirituality and meaning.”  “That I need to stay light & have FUN…and not be afraid.” “Reminder to keep an eye out for the cues and that I’m a manifestation of the Divine.” Inspiring!”  “Keep being grateful & positive…it’s fine to be an individual.” “Ways to CONNECT to ‘God’ & myself. Play & party…. Let ‘God’ go deep but have fun!” “A sense of JOY & hope.” “This was just what I needed…”

signing low resShout Out to Lee at East West Bookstore for the generous introduction and once again- to all the sparkling spirits who showed up to explore spirituality and celebrate the party of life. I learned a lot and I’m pleased to discover you got some good stuff out of it, too. Knowing that makes courage worth cultivating. Rock on.