What if you could see your potential? Imagine that all the wonderful things that are possible for you play out on a movie screen before your eyes. What would you see in the scenes of your best life? Don’t stop until you hit the wow factor.

Yes, you are the main character in the story of your life. And this is the part where it gets good. This is where you remember to go for it, because you can do it.

Doing a positive visualization once in a while opens your mind to your star potential. Imagining how life can be even better, from time to time, is like detox for your dreams.

Once you’re in touch with your wildly awesome, optimized vision, don’t let “a healthy dose of reality” douse the flames of your desires. For every person who tells you “That’s a bad idea,” or sarcastically chides, “Good look with that,” affirm thrice that you not only can but you will. Unless you’re in a supportive community of like minded folks, it’s a good rule of thumb not to tell them your plans but to show them your results.

People are certainly capable of greatness. And they are capable of the opposite. A hazard to dreamers and doers are those who have shut down their own potential and go about convincing others to do the same. Watch out for popular opinion when it comes to your lofty goals, as well. Because, as in any case, popular opinion may be dead wrong. The majority has a bad case of the “Can’ts.” That’s the easy way out, right? If it’s not possible, no use working for it. That rationalization is just laziness leading to a life unrealized. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. You can!

Of course, as harmful as discouraging words can be, ultimately no one can shut you down but you. Don’t be your worst enemy, be your best ally.

We love watching amazing athletes and brilliant performers because they remind us that what’s possible for our species is more than we think. How many times will Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors make an “impossible” 3 point shot from across the basketball court with a fraction of a second left on the clock? It never gets old to see that. (See video below). It’s like a miracle of human capability every time–and we’re mesmerized. We should be! We should be shocked into remembering that accomplishments of stunning magnitude are possible for all of us- where our skills, talents and interests lie. Our heroes serve as mirrors of our shared human potential, reflecting back what’s possible for us. Namely, greatness. So what do you say? Let’s show each other what we can do.