Have you ever thought, “One day, I’ll simplify my life, spend tons of time in nature and meditate for at least an hour every morning.” It’s a lofty intention. The problem is, one day doesn’t come. We end up having less time, not more. Rather than feel we need to choose between a quiet life wherein we cultivate peace or a fast-paced life whereby we contribute and manifest our destiny, we gotta get real. It’s always going to be about juggling both.

Yes, we can take one minute a day to say thank you to Infinite Source. (Or “God, Great Creator, Goddess, Big Kahuna”–you name it.)  One minute a day is nothing. And yet, one minute a day is everything! Taking 60 seconds to count your blessings daily is powerfully transformative.

What time is not important. But I do suggest you choose a specific minute to stop and be spiritual, because it serves as a much needed reminder. I chose 11:11 as my sacred time of day. The full reason why that is my personal cue is revealed in my upcoming book, IS: A Street Smart Guide to Inspire Your Spiritual Side. But here’s a short version. 11:11  is  the only time on the digital clock that has four identical numbers which all line up in perfect order. Aside from the collective cosmic alignment, each of those #1’s stands for a quadrant in my spiritual system–depicted in the 4 color Holy Disco Ball. 11:11 has personal meaning for me, but any time will do. We just need that visual kick on the clock that says, in my case, “Girl, you better get outside and show some love to the Universe. Pronto!”

Is there a particular time that is significant to you? 4:44? Maybe your birthday as represented on the clock? Or just plain 12:00 AM or PM? Why not try designating that personally meaningful moment as a sacred time to say THANK YOU for all your blessings. It will make a big difference–not just in your day–in your your life!

If you somewhat dig the ritual but have no clue what to say (or pray, at the risk of sounding church-y), I invite you to receive my daily Shout Outs. I am now sharing them with anyone who cares to give it a whirl. If you give me your email address for this only (fill in the box in the upper right corner of this screen or click here), I will send you the Shout Out of the day.  Let’s carve out a sec or sixty every 24 hours and see what miracles occur as the habit of gratitude grows. Rock on party people!

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