Ready or not, here come the holidays!As fall descends, it’s hard to ignore the inevitable influx of holiday messages, competing for your early commitment. Themed catalogs, Internet blasts, store sales and window dressings are suddenly rampant with all things pumpkins, turkeys, red and green. When you contemplate the impending season, how do you feel? Excitement? Ambivalence? Dread? Your attitude depends on past experiences and future expectations. The good news is, regardless of the ideas you may hold about the holidays, it is possible to make this year’s celebrations more about merriment than misery.

If you are looking forward to the twinkling lights, classic tunes, sugarplum sweets and incessant socializing, you have mastered the art of enjoyment. If there is some trepidation in your contemplation, rest assured, that is part of the package.

Here is an article for which I was recently interviewed, for some hints on how to relish the season, starting now:  How To Reduce Holiday Stress. Cheers, dears!