The Universe favors irony. It’s found in almost every situation. This keeps us on our toes. Just when we think we know what’s up, up is down. Could it be that the constancy of contradiction is a reminder that the universe is vast and expansive- containing unfathomable complexity?

When we detect the paradox ever in play, we’re forced to expand our view to include the extremes and every point in between. Such an expansive view allows us to mirror the vastness of the universe. We’re all beyond definition. To put people into neat categories is absurd. We may rely on a short-hand of sorts to make our way through life. But deeper wisdom points to the truth of non duality. A person is neither good nor bad, but both. We embody the complexity of existence in an ever changing, dynamic constellation of human characteristics. The possibilities are cosmic.

Expanding one’s view to allow for paradox is helpful for spiritual development. This goes way beyond keeping an open mind. It includes suspending judgment. It’s being okay with not knowing. It’s creating a container large enough for all your conflicting emotions, and then some. How can you well up with tears with appreciation for someone and feel repelled by them at the same time? Because it’s that complicated. That’s the paradox in play.

What we label as extremes are on a limitless continuum that we all contain. Any combination of characteristics is available in our repertoire. Rather than try to categorize a person or experience with a thumbs up or thumbs down, we can expand to contain the mind-blowing reality of infinite possibilities. Is New York City good or bad? Isn’t that a funny question? I see Joan Rivers snarkily replying, “Oh, Grow up!” Like it or not, the gestalt of New York City is a wonder. Its complexity and contradiction make it something to behold; love, hate or both.

When you come to appreciate the expansive nature of all-that-is, you can create a container big enough for every possibility. With a consciousness that expansive, you’re all set to live in a sustained state of awe.