Sparkling news, party people. The book I’ve been working on is nearly ripe. It’s called IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed, about to be published by Hay House in January. I want to share a bit about the process of writing it. It’s been an exercise in spiritual and personal growth–the very subject it serves up. I trust that you, too, have the inkling to create. So here’s a bit about what I’ve learned, from inspiration to publication.

Please don’t be misled by the enumerated steps here. This is not a linear path. It’s a big unwieldy ride of effort mixed with grace that zigs and zags all over the place and continues on past the horizon. These are just some of the points you might encounter on your creative adventure.

1. Recognition: What are you fired up about? Is there material within you demanding to be birthed? This is how I felt. Called. Impregnated. Passionate. And where does the idea or inclination originate? To that spiritual source, we have to answer. Doing so is gratitude for the divine download. Marching orders received.

2. Intention: What are you gonna do about it? So you have this burning desire to create. Even when you try to dodge it, it persists. Decide that you will follow that to completion. Intend to make it happen. Realize it’s not about you. It’s about the gift. It must be given. Promise. See it done in your mind’s eye. Sign up. No excuses.

3. Focus: What’s the message? Keep it simple. When I was told I was trying to do too much, I believed it. (I was.) Once I whittled it down to the most important message I had to convey–that of spiritual connection– I had a worthy book. Bam. Get clear. Find the essence and carve it out. Save the rest for a B Side of the record, to be produced down the road.

4. Determination: What’s it gonna take? More than you think. Just. Don’t. Stop. I suffered and sacrificed for this book. But you know what? Art is worth it. Your audience is worth it. Just remember how lucky you are to have a purpose. Even when it feels daunting, trust it’s your destiny and keep going. See the step you’re doing now–not all that’s in front of you. Little by little, you go, and pretty soon, “by Stuart MilesWhat do you know?”

5. Patience: Are we there yet?! Defer to divine timing. It takes as long as it takes. And that might be longer than you think. If someone told me it would take 5 years to write a book, would I have done it? Not useful information. I wrote it, then rewrote it, then wrote a proposal, then rewrote that, then rewrote the book again. Then I edited it. Then I edited it a little more. And once again, with feeling. It’s done when it’s done. (And that’s just the beginning). Set small deadlines for chunks of the project. Other than that, get off the clock.

6. Surrender: You mean we’re not in it alone? No way. That’s a frightful notion. I believe all creation is a co-creation. Having Infinite Source with me throughout this endeavor has made it fun and at times, magical. I do my part. The rest, I leave up to Infinite Source. Without a partner, I don’t see how it could happen. When we relax into divine collaboration, somehow it gets done. Voila! Break out the cigars.

I hope that helps. Now go make some art.