Lion QuoteIt takes a heaping ton of courage to be all we can be. Our potential is beyond comprehension and the possibilities are limitless. Boldly stepping into our power and endeavoring to actualize our potential is fierce. Let’s do it!

It may feel like a big responsibility to decide what goals will embody our best. If we have the luxury to choose our own direction, then we’d better discern well. But how do we make the right call? Here are some pointers on determining destiny:

  1. Don’t do it alone. For those of us who are somewhat (or quite a bit) spiritual, this is where it gets good. We can depend on Infinite Source to guide us. Have you ever felt what it’s like to have Spirit live through you? That’s how I felt when I wrote my first book, IS (Hay House, 2013). There was a divine imprint on the whole project that made it feel like an honor and a duty that I simply agreed to execute. Sometimes, we’re “called,” like this. When it happens, it feels good- as you may know. Not sure how exactly to make your unique contribution to the greater good? You can always ask. Do a Shout Out to Infinite Source, an old fashioned prayer to your God, or silently sit among the trees until you get the message. How you receive direction is up to you. If you ask for it, it’ll come in some form. Once you get your marching orders, go for it! Being divinely guided is the best kind of doing. When we’re certain we’re on the right track, all we have to do is keep going.
  2. Help the most people. So let’s say you aren’t getting the divine download loudly and clearly, as described in step one. There are times that we have to use human volition to make the call. When that’s the case, consider whom and how many others a given plan will help. Ever notice that wildly “successful” people touch many lives. Think about it. The founders of companies that make life easier for the masses, the authors who entertain millions with clever and creative writing, the public figures who use their platform to educate and elevate us. Granted, it’s noble to touch even one life in an indelibly positive way. If a teacher inspires a child early enough to make a difference, that’s a remarkable accomplishment. Yet, if she can help classrooms of children throughout her career, so much the better. Whom can you touch with your unique gifts? How can you reach even more people?
  3. Expect detours. The ability to take detours and keep going anyway is what separates those who make it from those who don’t. There’s really no way to avoid getting re-routed a few times. The longer the road, the more stops and wrong turns there will be. Sometimes we get there, despite our well played plans, not because of them.
  4. Stay the course. Self actualization isn’t for quitters. Keep going, no matter what. Patience and perseverance are required. Know that the challenges you encounter have something to teach you. Sometimes we need a course correction. Sometimes we must throw in the towel and start over. Yet often, what we must do is continue to push onward and run the plays for what seems like forever until…one day, “overnight,” we arrive. When you do cross the finish line or hit a major milestone, take notice of how far you’ve come. Celebrate. And once you catch your breath, you’ll be ready for the next expression of your best.