Authenticity doesn’t always come easily. It takes a lot of strength to be true to yourself when it may displease someone else. Do it anyway.

We may be in the habit of assuming that others are better off when we hide our true inclination, in order to be agreeable. And yet, untold good can come to everyone concerned when you bravely speak your truth. Your authentic contribution IS part of the bigger plan. Have faith that expressing yourself with integrity will have a corrective balancing effect on the greater good.

When we engage in personal growth, we continue to embrace who we really are at the core. Doing so makes it harder and harder to silence the inner voice and bend to the wills of others. And that’s for good reason; your inner truth is a sacred a tool of divine guidance, pointing you towards a greater Truth. It is right to follow that guidance, even if that may appear “wrong” to someone else.

Being honest with yourself and others takes a bit of practice–and commitment. Like anything worth doing, it can seem daunting at times. Those who are only pleased when things go their way can be bossy, manipulative or intimidating. Yet, if you insist on being honest with yourself, you must be prepared to let them be disappointed. You may also need to let them go. If their self-interest is more important to them than the greater good, they will eventually give up on strong, assertive people and find pleasers to prop them up. You don’t need to subvert your truth to serve the needs of someone else. Self love means acting in accordance with what you feel in your heart, know in your gut and believe deep down in your bones.

You can very gently stop being a “pleaser” and start being assertive in a loving way. Know that standing up for what you believe and feel is probably more uncomfortable for you than for them. They will sense a shift, subtly or perhaps not. Some will respect you more, which is great positive reinforcement. Others will pout, distance or throw a tantrum. How someone reacts when you are honest with them and yourself is good information. It’ll help you to determine whether the relationship has the potential to be healthy or not. If they respect you for being true to yourself, there’s your yellow light; proceed with caution on the integrity train. On the other hand, if you sense a reaction of “It’s my way or the highway,” you may be better off if they hit the road. Take it slow, sure, but sooner or later, you’ll know. Releasing a relationship that is built on the premise of you serving the other will open up a space for someone new, respectful and supportive to come into your life.

Give yourself permission to let go of relationships that are not aligned with your inner truth. This is an act of self love. Set the intention to interact with people that resonate with your Inspired Self. It’s okay to be choosey. There are plenty of folks out there who can appreciate your authentic self. Who belongs with you? Be honest…