Freak for Fun from Faith Freed on Vimeo.

You can improve the quality of your life by being a goofball. Seriously. Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s a human hazard to be avoided. Yes, we have responsibilities, burdens and challenges. We have to take care of business. But might we do that without being all business? Have you become a bore, even to yourself? In the words of sprightly Taylor Swift, “Shake it off” party people. In 2015, commit to having fun.

The coming year will be what you make of it. You can’t choose all your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude. Here’s an example of an uplifting shift I made myself. My once-a-year astrology reading (solar return) says I can expect 2015 to be a year of emotion, in a major way. At first I thought, “Oh S@#%! That’s the last thing I need; tears, angst, suffering…” Then, it dawned on me in a divinely delivered dowload that;  “…Wait!- Joy is an emotion. Why not make 2015 all about that?! I choose happy tears.” Friends, that’s the plan. And that’s exactly what prompted me to share this ridiculous video with you. In doing so, I hope to inspire you to be a fool for fun. Are you with me?

As a therapist and an author, not to mention a mom and an optimist, I often find myself cheerleading others to lighten up and enjoy life. Quite irrepressibly, I’m called to remind you to be authentic, free and celebrate life.  The best way to lead is by example, right? So I assure you, I’m working very hard at having an authentically awesome time.

Authenticity, in fact, is what puts the freak in your fun. Sure, you can dance with dignity and have a good time doing so. But if you  let go and unleash your inner spaz, you will have orders of magnitude more fun. For most of us, the consequence of this is a appallingly inelegant, yet hilarious. We can laugh at ourselves and even each other, all in good fun. My favorite dance partner is Snoopy-Dancingmy brother, Geoff, because he’s actually a good dancer and he’s always got a more unnatural move to top mine. Sometimes, it looks so wrong, it hurts. I have to stop,  doubled over in laughter, which blends right in with our exaggerated poses. If you don’t have a sibling, friend or partner who can get your silly groove going, go solo. Think of a child, whirling away with wild abandon, oblivious to onlookers. You still got it, kid. It’s just buried. Drop your guard and let loose. Dance happy. Dance silly. Dance like you just don’t care.

To further inspire a rockin’ 2015, here’s a little New Year’s gift: an excerpt from my book, IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed (Hay House 2013). Be yourself. Be in joy. Be your joyful self. Cheers!

From Chapter 10, In Service, page 40:

Lighten Up

When we remember to give our love as we go about the day,

suddenly the world doesn’t seem such a serious and challenging

place. There’s nothing wrong with being a walking billboard that

screams: “Lighten up!” It’s a great relief to see a smile, hear a laugh,

or see someone truly having fun. We can use more of the positive

in our lives. It’s a great reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed.

So play! Be silly. Let loose. Entertain yourself and others. Do the

ridiculous. Skip down the sidewalk or whistle while you work.

Despite protests of the meanie you’ll inevitably encounter, have a

good time.

Fun is contagious. Light is uplifting. So amuse yourself by

brightening someone else’s day. If I have something nice to say

about someone, I find it unnatural to let it go unsaid. As I’m

looking for the light in everyone, compliments come easily. It feels

amazing on both the giving and receiving end. A few well-chosen

words can turn someone’s day around. So spread the love, people.

If you aren’t comfortable expressing your love in words, do it with

your actions. For instance, you could flirt a little. Or let someone

go ahead of you in traffic. Feed someone else’s parking meter.

Hold the door for 20 people in a row. Observe someone who needs

help, and recognize it as an opportunity to be of service. Interrupt

your own activities and lend a hand. Spread light just by walking

around turned on to the wonder of life.

Among other things you have to offer, you can’t underestimate

the far-reaching effects of the gift of your playfulness. I’ll never

forget when I was sitting outside of a Nordstrom Rack in my parked

car, belting out a Donna Summer tune as if I were auditioning

for American Idol. Then, I suddenly realized I wasn’t the only one

listening to my performance. Standing next to my car in the

parking lot was a radiant, dark-skinned woman with her fists full

of bags, about to get into the mustard-colored Chrysler next to

me. I abruptly stopped singing. Gauging just how embarrassed I

should feel, I sheepishly checked her expression. She flashed me

an enormous white-toothed grin and shouted, “Sing it, sister!”

I smiled back, relieved. Then, when she was safely out of sight,

I cried—because she was nice. Why should it ever be any other

way? That woman’s joyful generosity of spirit still inspires me half

a dozen years later. In her own way, she still sings along with me.